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April Michelle Himes (April 27, 1986 - February 14, 2000) was a bright young eighth grader attending a school she hated because of bullying. Every now and then, students would go around and call her "fat" because of her weight.

April enjoyed a good joke and had a wonderful sense of humor. She was very active and enjoyed painting, skiing and roller-skating.  Animals were April's specialty and she had talked about becoming an animal groomer.  She had a special love for her pet bird, George, and George loved her too, waiting for her to come home when she was gone from her house.  Soon after April died, George also died... of a broken heart.

On Valentine's Day 2000, a day when most young girls should be happy she received a cruel phone call from the school that she had missed over 50 days of school and was told to come to school immediately or appear before truancy board and risk going to juvenile hall.

Devastated, April put the phone down and hung herself in the closet of her bedroom. She was 13 years old.