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Robin Ashleigh Cox (January 27, 2002 - March 24, 2020) was a singer and cover artist from Burlington, North Carolina, known by her stage-name and persona "Ashy" Robin, a reference to ashes from bongs and a pun on her middle name.

Ashy's most well-known photo, used on her Genius profile and formerly her Instagram profile pic.


Ashy was a stoner who glorified marijuana as a depression remedy, whilst she reported she did not suffer from depression, she helped those who did by giving affection and support and smoking with them, encouraging it as a remedy, and making music and cover art.

Ashy had lost her best friend, Dayna Weaver in July 2018 from suicide, to with she credited as her influence to continue a solo-music career.


Ashy had a drinking contest on March 24, 2020 in which she ended up losing, with an undisclosed group of friends. She later would end up stealing her mother's car and crash it, reportedly dying on impact.