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Catherine "Cathy" Davis was an American writer, artist, and mentor. She was briefly married and had a daughter from the marriage, born in the 1950s. Her daughter's name was Margaret and she also grew up to become a writer. Both loved writing biographies. She was a women's rights supporter and inspired people to reach for their dreams. Davis also had a cat named Jessie who she loved dearly and he also kept the villa company as the "Villa house cat".

She moved into her famous classic villa, the "Writer's Villa", which looked like a Spanish or Italian silent-film villa around that time in 1927. She rented out her villa to aspiring Hollywood actors throughout her life. She loved having people over and loved social gatherings. Val Kilmer, Taylor Negron, Parker Posey, Thomas Jane, Chris Parnell, and Paula Poundstone have all had rooms rented out at her villa at some time and many actors have considered Davis as a friend and like a mother to them.

In 2012, she and her cat were brutally murdered by actor Johnny Lewis, who stayed in one of the rooms at her villa. Lewis, who had recently been released from jail, was found not to be on drugs[1] when he killed and dismembered Jessie before beating Davis to death with a two-by-four and strangling her. He then destroyed Davis's artwork and hurting the next-door painter and homeowner before going back to the Writer's Villa. He threw himself off the terrace of the villa onto the driveway, dying instantly.

Since her death, the minimal coverage about her murder and her killer's death receiving more attention and sympathy than her outraged people who loved Cathy Davis. Two days after her murder, actor Taylor Negron, a friend of Davis who previously rented a room in the villa, wrote a piece about Cathy Davis and the wonderful woman she was.[1] Negron himself passed away from liver cancer on January 10, 2015 at the age of 57.