Mikelle was born on May 31, 1987 to Darien and Tracy Biggs. At school, she was a member of student council and she played the clarinet. She was very artistic and enjoyed drawing. She hoped to become a Disney animator someday. Mikelle's favorite color was purple. She had two younger sisters and one younger brother. 

On January 2, 1999, Mikelle was outside with her 9-year-old sister. She was riding her sister's bicycle and her sister was walking their dog. They went outside because they thought they heard an ice cream truck. Her sister grew cold while waiting outside, so she went in for a minute or so to warm herself up. When her sister went back outside, Mikelle was not there anymore, though the bicycle she had been riding was laying in the road.

It was believed that Mikelle was no longer alive, but it was unknown who took her or what happened to her. One suspect was a man who lived two blocks from Mikelle's home. In 2001, he was convicted of raping and trying to kill his neighbor, and he also had prior convictions for sex offenses in three different states. He then served a 15 1/2-year prison sentence. Mikelle's father believes that he is responsible for his daughter's death, but Mikelle has sadly not gotten justice yet. Mikelle was eleven years old when she went missing. She was a Caucasian female, brown hair, and hazel eyes. Her ears were pierced and she had several moles on the left side of her neck. 

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