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Otis Samuel Fredrick Maslin (June 5th, 2006 - July 17th, 2014) was one of the 298 victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, he died along with his 12 year old brother, Mo Maslin, his 10 year old sister, Evie Maslin, and his grandpa, Nick Norris. He was born in Western Australia, but his parents moved to Hong Kong and raised him and his siblings there, he loved the color blue, collecting sticks and putting the sticks in his pockets, climbing and running, weird and funny stuff, he was the joy-bringer to his family, he didn’t care what people thinks about him, he loved his parents and siblings. Otis, Mo and Evie teaches their parents how to cheat on Uno, and how to not be embarrassing. Otis was diagnosed with a writing and reading disorder called Dyslexia. In July 17th, 2014, he flew in the sky with his 2 siblings and grandpa. Him and his 3 family members were boarded on doomed Malaysia Flight 17. Fly High Otis!


(Image of the Maslin kids and their friends, Mo, one who’s wearing gray shirt, Evie, one who’s wearing purple jacket, and Otis, one who’s wearing black jacket)

Gravestone of Mo, Evie and Otis Maslin.